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We do not engage in the importation of preassembled (CKD) furniture

Our Story

Caribbean Sheet & Tubular Industries Limited,(CA.S.A.T.) was incorporated as a limited liability company in September 1980. The company had its genesis, prior to incorporation, as a sheet metal fabricating shop run along the lines of a cottage industry with a small labour force headed by late Clifton Gumbs. Through the years, CA.S.A.T. has diversified its product line and has become the largest and only indigenous manufacturer of metal furniture in Trinidad and Tobago. Now under the stewardship of Parmanan Beharry - the son of our company's founder, we have established a solid brand that is known nationwide, to be synonymous with highest standards of office,medical, bar & restaurant,home and school furniture as well as eco-friendly and energy efficient roof turbine ventilators.

Mission Statement

To design and manifacture sheet-metal products compatible with international standars, by utilizing modern technology and design, coupled with our commitment to making a positive contribution to society.

All our products can be customized to suit your needs & budget

Core Values

  • We strive to ensure that the quality of our products and services are of the highest standards in structure and design, for all customers.

  • Our Prices must always be competitive and reasonable in comparison to the type and quality of products that we offer.

  • Safety is a of vital importance and we always adhere to the relevant OSH regulations, to keep our hardworking staff sage on the job at all times.

  • Our company is proud to be green, as all of our waste items are recycled where possible or disposed of in a responsible manner. We have also put systems in place to conserve energy throughout the company.

  • We foster a family environment for our staff and they remain an integral asset to our production, which we invest heavily in.

  • Innovation and product enhancement are always one of the most crucial elements to our existence. We strive to continuously build on our products and keep current in the face of a fast-paced global market.

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